About our wines

We have a passion for Pinot; mostly Noir, as well as Blanc and Gris... Chardonnay has a special place in our vineyards, too. This passion started long ago, and it led to pioneering a growing region, planting many acres of vineyards, representing California Pinot Noir across the US and abroad and working many, many hours on a tractor.

Our home is on the Santa Rosa Road corridor, in the Sta. Rita Hills AVA, where the cool, ocean-influenced growing conditions and clay-based soils help us grow Pinot and Chardonnay with elegantly layered aromatics and refreshing acid profiles.


To be more specific...

We are on the 34°N parallel, the same latitude as Tunisia, and the sun here is intense. Our vineyards are located on north-facing slopes, where the afternoon sun and its heat are less marked, and the grapes–at perfect ripeness–can convey floral, fruit and mineral aromas to the wines. The temperature on our estate peaks around 12:30 PM due to the afternoon maritime onshore winds, and this is much earlier than other California Pinot Noir growing regions. Although our region reaches similar temperature highs as others, the duration of heat is not as long, fostering the unique wine profiles of the Sta. Rita Hills that we live to capture and share.